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Welcome to the official website of the Hungarian fanclub of Dance of the Vampires!

Dear Friends,

On 1 September 2013 we are celebrating the 200th play of our show Dance of the Vampire.
For many’s pleasure we are going to begin our celebration long before the anniversary: on 25 August Krolock opens the doors of his castle for human beings, who can meet and take photos with the special creatures of this mysterious world in this autographing event.
The celebration will begin on 25 August 2013 at 11pm at the entrance of the castle of Hevesi Sándor Square. Entrance fee: with tickets for the 25 August show it's free, for others it’s 1500 HUF.
Please, leave your garlic and crosses at home, but for this special occasion you can use your cameras and camcorders. If you are interested, please apply here: fanclub@vampirokbalja.hu With your application please let us know if you have tickets for the 25 August show, and how many of you are planning to attend the celebration.

We confirm every successful application.

Our vampires with the guidance of their two Krolocks will seize Chagall's inn in Transsylvania on 4th September 2009, at 11:00 p.m, to sign their picture-gallery, which was widened with their new blood-brothers on this summer.

Admission: 10:45 p.m. the main entrance of the Castle on the Hevesi Sándor square

Admission fee: -1000 HUF
-free with our new souvenire programme

If you want to take part on this event, send us an e-mail to fanclub@vampirokbalja.hu

According to precedent the Vámpírok bálja Fanclub organises backstage-tours in august-september too.
The dates are:
2009. august 3 0. 16:30, meeting: 16:15, Magyar Színház, main entrance
2009. august 30. 17:00, meeting: 16:45, Magyar Színház, main entrance
2009. september 5. 13:00, meeting: 12:45, Magyar Színház, main entrance

You could see, what you saw only on stage before: costumes, sets, and the hard work behinde the curtain.
Registration: send us an e-mail to this address: fanclub@vampirokbalja.hu with the tour date.

Dear Friends!

At midnight of 20th june, 2009, Count Krolock will open the door of his castle for the earthborns. You can see the nightlife of the castle, and meet the strange creatures of this mysterious world, who won't be irritable for the light and the noise. They will sign your vampired souvenirs with blood, as you like it.
Admission: 20th june, 2009. 23:00, the main entrance of the Castle on the Hevesi Sándor square
Admission fee: 1500 HUF
If you have fanclub-preferentially tickets for the afternoon show of 20th and 28th june, you can come free. For this preference you must validate your show tickets at the shop in the theater.
Please leave at home your garlices and crucifixes, you can use your own camera!
After the event you can travel preferentially with Budapest Taxi.
If you want to take part on this event, send us an e-mail to fanclub@vampirokbalja.hu.

Dear Friends,

on the 31th August the team of the Vampirok balja and the Vampirok balja Fanclub organize an extraordinary photo-shooting, where you can take pictures with the cast members ih their stage costumes, on Sunday, 17:00.

These actors will be there: Kovács Lotti, Stróbel Dóra, Egyházi Géza, Jegercsik Csaba, Pavletits Béla, Pirgel Dávid és Sánta László.

If you want to take part you must:
-be a registrated fanclub member on our website: fanclub.vampirokbalja.com
-send us an email to this adress: fanclub@vampirokbalja.hu

Our registrated fanclub members will be the first, who could buy our new designed T-shirt. Please, write it to us, if you want one of the new T-shirts!
This program open the door only to take photos! For dedication will be not chance, for the sake of the evening show!
The entry is free. Tract of time: 1-1,5 hours.

„We got the world in our hands!”
Dear Friends,
The „Vámpírok bálja fanclub” organize an extraordinary „invasion”!
This year celebrates Jim Steinmann’s magnificent composition „Total eclipse of the heart” its 25th „birthday”. The song is very significant in the musical „Vámpírok bálja”. So we hearten every single fans, who loves our musical, on the 27th of May wear the „Vámpírok bálja” T-Shirt everywhere: at school, at work, in supermarkets, on the street, wherever you go!
Wear your shirt and win!
Send us a photo from yourself during the „invasion” to the 30th of May to this email: fanclub@vampirokbalja.hu and be one of the winners, who joins our vampires at the „Örökös tagság” (Forever Membership for Actors) gala, in the National Theatre on the 7th of June. The cast of „Vámpírok bálja” will perform this evening „Teljes a sötét” and ”Finálé”.
Kentaur (costume and set designer) will draw 10 people, who will join the vampires.
The best photos will be available on the Fanclub’s webpage.
(Please, let us know, if you have tickets for the summer season’s premier show, because the gala will be on the same day!) Don’t worry, if you have tickets for the premier, you can win also! We draw 5 dedicated, new posters too!